We focus on helping small to mid-sized businesses, and as business owners ourselves, we’re familiar with the challenges business owners face. We are well versed in the particular opportunities and challenges facing women-owned and minority-owned small businesses. We work with clients in a range of industries:

Business &          Professional Services

Our core market is companies in the Business and Professional Services sectors which includes law firms, lobbyists, architects, engineers, technology and business consultants, interior designers and advertising agencies. Sugaer’s other target segments include Property Management, Operations and Maintenance Services, Equipment Rental, Staffing Services, etc.

Communications & Technology

High Tech broad industry sectors where we specialize include: health technology, software as a service (SaaS), software developers and publishers, information technology companies and data processors, managed services, enterprise IT, consumer electronics, and semiconductor companies.

Media &              Entertainment

Media and Entertainment companies develop, produce and distribute multimedia content on TV, radio, in print and online. We provide advisory services to television networks, cable TV providers, production studios and social media companies and broadcasters, publishers, platform operators, online and entertainment companies may all be included in this sub-sector.

Distribution & Manufacturing

Manufacturing industry in its broadest definition refers to any business that transforms raw materials into finished or semi-finished goods using machines, tools and labor. We focus on manufacturing companies including food production, chemicals, textiles, machines and equipment.

Healthcare &                  Wellness

Companies in the sector include care providers, health plans and medical device companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies. The Wellness sector includes beauty & anti-aging; healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss; wellness tourism; fitness and mind-body; preventative and personalized medicine and public health; complementary and alternative medicine, wellness and spa services.

Consumer &                    Retail

We have expertise in providing services to companies in various sectors of the Consumer and Retail Industries particularly those in the ecommerce space. This industry group includes a variety of retail sectors, including grocery and convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, auto dealerships, hospitality businesses, restaurants, franchisees, personal services, apparel and specialty stores, and big-box stores.

Private Equity &          Lenders

We provide services to assist private equity and venture capital firms more effectively manage their portfolio companies and help achieve financial objectives throughout the investment cycle—from providing due diligence and valuation at origination to improving portfolio companies’ performance and building pre-divestiture value.